Gallo-roman, medieval, Renaissance, Modern, contemporary… 2000 years of history have left Autun a heritage that is both harmonious and unusual.
There are many relatively well-preserved remains from the Gallo-roman era:

Théâtre romain Autun à proximité de santenay

- The Roman theatre

Impressive, with its 148-metre diameter and its 20,000-spectator capacity, this was certainly the largest Roman-era theatre. The tiers of seats are perfectly preserved and today the theatre continues to live, thanks to many cultural events held there each year.


Porte d'Arroux à Autun
- The Arroux Gate

Comprised of 4 arches, 2 in the centre for vehicles and 2 outer arches for pedestrians, it has been dated to the 1st century BC and was the entrance to the town from the north.

- The Saint André Gate

The entrance to the town from the east, it has the same characteristics as the Arroux gate. However, it has undergone modifications over the centuries.

galerie autun
- The Temple of Janus

Part of a suburban religious site, the temple of Janus is located on the banks of the Arroux outside the town.
Dating from the medieval era, the Cathedral of Saint Lazare is not to be missed. It is one of the most beautiful Cluny-style churches in Burgundy. Note its renowned tympanum of the Last Judgement (Gislebertus)

cathédrale st lazarre Autun


Don’t hesitate to relax and stroll around the town. Each bend in the road will reveal a small piece of history that will recount the life of a whole era.

2000 years of history, just think…

autun depuis santenay