Santenay’s first Casino opened its gates for the 1892 season with the “Petits Chevaux” game (Little Horses Game) in the park of Source Salée ( Salted Spring Park). Its owner and administrator was Charles Vandal, a Parisian banker.

In 1895, François Deparis opened the Kursaal restaurant, located in the new thermal district where the ‘Source Lithium’ (Lithium Spring) had been drilled.
He was also granted the authorization to conduct the game of ‘Petits Chevaux’ in this establishment.

In 1898, Vandal replied by the inauguration of the Baccarat game in his own casino. However, the equipments were bought off by a competitor just before the War in 1914, consequently the Casino was closed, but the Kursaal could still keep its gambling rooms.

The First World War, followed by the economic recession and the consequences of the Second World War had drastically reduced Santenay’s thermal activity. As a result, after the Liberation, the almost abandoned Kursaal could hardly reopen its Baccarat and ‘Boules’ (roulette) games.

It was in 1957 that Pierre Gignoux purchased Kursaal and renamed it “Casino des Sources”.
As the municipality had re-launched Santenay’s thermal activity, in 1986, the new Casino ranked 33rd (out of 137) as a gambling house, compared to its 60th position held back in 1961.

In 1991, the introduction of slot machines contributed to this ascension.
Between 2001-2002 the Casino welcomed more than 270,000 gamblers.
Between 2003-2004 the company ‘Moliflor Loisirs’ retrieved the Casino and opened a restaurant with a capacity of 60 seats.