chagny - le canal

Mid-way between Chalon-sur-Saône and Beaune (16 km), Chagny, located at the heart of the grands crus, is a famous gastronomic centre.

And Chagny’s heritage is equally magnificent. As you wander through the streets you can explore:

eglise st martin chagny a proximité de santenay

- The Church of Saint Martin (11th, 12th and 17th centuries)

Its richly decorated Romanesque bell-tower is a listed historic monument.

- The Copiaux Theatre
Built in 1881, it was built as a theatre in the Italian style. Note the 11 well-preserved French-style boxes.

- The Hospital Apothecary
Created in 1715, it remains unaltered and offers us very beautiful collections of faience pots from the early 18th century and all the equipment needed for preparing medicines.

- And also: the town hall, the Rue des Fossés tower, the Tour de Gué (watch tower).

PLACE DES jets d'eau chagny vers santenay

With the Canal du Centre running through it, Chagny is also a boating centre. The marina can accommodate 20 moored boats.

The Voie Verte along the canal’s towpath gives you an opportunity to experience the peace and quiet of the countryside.

marché de chagny pres de santenay
Don’t miss the Sunday Market, when the town’s main routes are filled with a blend of colours, fragrances and good humour.