Change / Paris l'Hôpital / Les Maranges

A haven of peace between vineyards and countryside.

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Situated south of Nolay, Change and Marchezeuil, its picturesque hamlet on the neighbouring hill, are the starting point for the Les Maranges Road (Route des Maranges). They offer a variety of scenery alternating vines and fields and you can enjoy a walk along the nearby Voie Verte. Like all Les Maranges wines, the wines of Change are famous and very pleasant.


A wine-growing village founded in the 13th Century, Paris l’Hôpital nestles between two hills: Mont de Sène (521 m) and Mont de Rome Château (545 m). Paris l’Hôpital, at the heart of the Cozanne valley, offers superb opportunities for hikes and tours. You can discover an ancient Roman bridge straddling the Cozanne and admire the many viewpoints that the surrounding slopes and hills offer.



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Plenty of surprises are in store as you explore the roads of Les Maranges. Famous vineyards in lush countryside, the communes of the superb Maranges hillside will reveal some of their secrets to you.

Dezize les Maranges

Dezize is a typical wine-growing village with ancient architecture and narrow little streets. Dominated by Mont de Sène, it is situated on the Maranges hillside. Discover its heritage: the 11th and 12th century Church of Saint Martin, the ‘chicken cross’ at the edge of the village, Mont de Sène, or Mountain of the Three Crosses (Montagne des Troix Croix), offers a spectacular panoramic vista of the whole region. Very easily accessible by car from Dezize, this 521-metre high mountain is a site of hiking and walking among its varied and rare flora, offering a complete out-of-this-world experience.

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Sampigny les maranges

Sampigny is one of the oldest villages in the region. Occupied by monks, who created the vineyard, the commune of Sampigny contains 116 hectares of vines. It has a remarkable 15th century church with a wooden bell tower. Inside there are an extremely beautiful font and cross, as well as several wooden statues.

Cheilly les maranges

environs maranges autour de santenayCheilly les Maranges is a charming village, lying between river and vines. Crossed by the Canal du Centre, and located where the Dheune merges with the Cozanne (a 1st-category river), the commune attracts more and more walkers and hikers every year, profiting from the voie verte’s very pleasant and superbly developed facilities. Not to mention the wine: Cheilly offers red and white Maranges wines that already have a well-deserved reputation. And lovers of ancient buildings will discover an ancient 9th century church and a 13th century priory.