Sorine mill

 moulin santenayBetween 1825 and 1835 Construction by François SORINE (1782-1855) nicknamed "Courrier", who owned the two watermills located on Boichot spring.

1863 – The railroad company built the CHAGNY-NEVERS railway line on the site of the Boichot watermills, which brought about their disappearance. The SORINE inheritors also sold the windmills to the Railroad, abandoning their operation..

1990 – of SANTENAY decided to restore the mill, when only a building threaten with ruin remained..

1995 – Inauguration of the completed mill by the restoration of the mechanism in operating condition.

moulin santenay
Characteristics of the mill
Height of the tower: 8 m.
Thickness of the walls: 0.95 m.
Framework and Chestnut roofing: 12 tonnes.
Dimension of the blades: 14.50 m.
Weight of the blades: 2 tonnes.
Weight of the grinding wheel: 3.5 tonnes.

 Work for the restoration of the mill
Architect: Valérie LEGRAND – DIJON
Woodwork – Entreprise LAGARDE S.A.R.L – BEAUNE
moulin sorine santenayRoofing: M. REVEAU – La Couverture Moderne – DIJON

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